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“I knew this ol’ gal once……….”

John Doe “Tittlemouse” Jones

The following post might be total fiction, sorta kinda true or the abject truth.  I ain’t sayin’…….  – Andy

Got a collect call this week.   When Is the last time that happened to any of y’all?  An omen of things to come from decades past perhaps?

The Machine Voice said ‘Will you accept a collect call from an inmate at the Dallas County Jail?  Inmate say your name.’

‘It’s Tittlemouse bro!’

Ah jeez!   The last I had heard from my other brother Tittlemouse    (or maybe click here)  was six months or better  back when he rang me up. 

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Rogue of the Rio Frio

I got a phone call from My Other Brother, Tittlemouse Jones, this weekend and I thought to myself ‘What it is it now?  Does he need bail money?  Has he figured out how to run an internal combustion engine on what comes out of a lawnmower bag?  What?’  You see, it could be just about anything with the Tittlemouse as he is acknowledged to be the smartest of the brothers.  He said ‘I woke up Tuesday morning and Carol Ann was gone.  She cleaned out the RV and took the Z71 and left.’  

Well, since this was Friday and the

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My Other Brother

Most folks don’t know it but I have another brother besides My Bro.  John Doe ‘Tittlemouse’ Jones.

Little Tommy Tittlemouse
lived in a little house.
He caught fishes
in other men’s ditches.

Tittlemouse Jones — a scurrilous individual

Tittlemouse was always a bad egg. He made the girls cry at school. He never cleaned his plate. He played with matches. He smoked cigarettes out behind the barn at a young age.  Just a bad actor all the way around. We seldom utter his name at family gatherings;  the women cover the children’s ears and the dogs slink away to hide under the kitchen table like

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