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Spring Storms, Latvians and More Snakes

Miss K asks 'Tell me why we live in Tornado Alley again?'. This look is the classic stink eye-directed at me of course

If it’s Spring and you are anywhere in Texas besides the High Desert, spring storms are a fact of life.  Miss K doesn’t like that-not one bit. I used to assuage her fears by pointing out the 40 ton bull dozer outside the door that would provide a safe haven if a tornado visited the neighborhood. Not that we ever got to the point of crawling underneath a dozer with a dog, a cell

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Tornados and Recreational Vehicles - An Unhealthy Mix

Spring time in Texas brings the Wildflowers and the Spring storms.   Being in the

RVs and tornadoes do not mix!

middle of Tornado Alley in an RV is always a concern.  I came across the following post on one of the RV forums I frequent and the author did a great job of covering the subject

Reprinted with the kind permission of  Wade at

Preparedness, that is knowing what is going on as far as severe weather is concerned, and then having a plan, is the key. While this post addresses tornado events, the same measures should be considered for severe thunderstorm

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What would you do?

I hate to say it but a motor home is not the safest vehicle and sometimes I think all of us lose sight of that to a degree. Even though our recreational vehicles have most of the comforts of home, they are certainly not constructed as substantially as a traditional stick house.

An RV constructed like most will perform horribly in a vehicle crash. They are not built like an

RV in South Florida 3/7/09

automobile with crumple zones and airbags. Most are just flimsy sheets of fiberglass on a metal frame. Here in Texas, right in the middle of

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