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Fabric of Life - The Flower Path

In the space of two weeks, this became………

The morning dog romp is in the books and I am all jacked up on that Community Coffee.  Seems like a good time to try and arrange some electronic ones and zeros into what eventually might be a weekly blog post.


I like to count time;  sometimes the days blur and I have trouble recalling if it is Wednesday or Saturday………….. so I count.  It has been 97 days since I have been out for supplies.  That is gonna have to change in the very  near future.   It has been 503 days

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Things in the Road

Piddlin’ outside the NO Princess Palace

It is just sorta the way it goes down here in the Puckerbrush. The weather has been admirable; after all it is my favorite time of the year. A few mornings down into the high 40’s and then quick to warm up to 80 or better. Still shorts and sandals weather for sure. And then this morning, frost on the windshield of the Big Ass Suburban.  BAM!; just like that! No easin’ into it or getting acclimated. It just was.  I got a flowback crew that come in yesterday so I was out

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About a Dog

Walkin’  Dog

Had it in my mind today not to even do a post because one of my rules is if you got nothin’ to say it may be best to just not say it. But then I got to thinkin’ if I didn’t post some of y’all might think I was layin’ beside a mesquite stump dead of heatstroke or maybe bit by a buzz tail; so I figured it best to check in.

Vela Von and I  just returned from our first walk of the day -3/4 mile and it will be repeated twice more before the day

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Spring Notes

Maintenance on Little Blue – the primary power source at the Secret Hideout

Spring is welcome here in South Texas. Renewal, new beginnings, anticipation of change; it is all good. This time last year I was just beginning what would turn out to be a 5 month long sabbatical at the Secret Hideout.  Sometimes your body and soul need a good recharge and you are not even aware of it.  That was the case last year.   Extraneous material goods were shed, my life was simplified and I got to spend good time with My Bro.   Wouldn’t change a minute

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