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OK, this works.

Mi casa – Early Spring 2016. That is blackbrush blooming in the background..


Servicing the generator. I do that on a slow gate to save my supervisor the time.

Town?  What’s that?  I just checked; it has been 80 days since I have made a supply run.  I did make a trip to Natalia,TX on 12/26 to pick up Vela Von.   No store stop offs on that one. I am overdue for damn sure. Out of eggs for over two weeks now. Same same on store bread.  I am craving a ham ‘n’ cheese sammich or a pizza! Or Chinese

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Perhaps ... A Real Dog?

Looking back to 12/26/2015, I was headed south out of Natalia, TX with a pup in a basket.  What was I thinkin’?!??  OK, OK,  that was a rhetorical question.   I knew full well what the dealio was.  You see,  I was missing my long time companion Tuco the Dog in the most horrible fashion.   I am not going to go into extolling the virtues of Tuco the Dog except to say she was affably easy to live with and knew what devotion to her family was all about. She seldom disappointed or  stepped out of line.  She was a real

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Sourdough and Post It Notes

Prime Pantry to the rescue

It has been 8 weeks since I did a supply run. The last time I took Tuco the Dog to the vet as a matter of fact.  Things are getting a might slim in the pantry around here.  2 eggs left, no onions, the fresh veggies long gone, plenty of bacon though which means I am not totally bereft.  Thank  goodness for Amazon Prime Pantry.  A man wasn’t made to live long without peanut butter, Nutella, tuna fish, TP and frosted pop tarts.   Prime will send you 40lbs of dry groceries for $5.99 shipping if

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Snowmageddon Throwback

This isn’t the winter storm named Jonas. Back in the day, nobody ever thought about naming snowstorms. I mean, why bother??? But I guess these days if you are twitterbooking or facechatting everything gotta have a label.  If you have better eyes than me, you will see the date on the front page is March 14th, 1993.   BFF Cait was coming up to be 6 years old and My Boy was almost 13.

I-78 last night somewhere in PA.

We were living just a bit north and east of Chattanooga – just a few miles away really and well out into

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