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You are done Old Horse

Motorola Razr (styled RAZR, pronounced “razor”) is a series of mobile phones by Motorola, part of the 4LTR line. They were first developed in July 2003 and were released in the market in the third quarter of 2004. The V3 was the first and main phone of the series.

Motorola Razr v3 – mine

I am a fan of the Motorola Razr flip phone; I just am.   I think I got my first one in 2005 or thereabouts; so lets’ just call it 10 years.  At some point Motorola decided to move on and quit supporting the little phone. 

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Gimme a minute to find it.........

A visit from the Ranch Owner

Every day life these days seems to consist of bitty pieces of paper with notes scrawled on them that were apparently important at some point this week.   Yeah, it has come down to that in order for me to remember crap that needs remembering.  Sunday seems to be the day to clear through the mess and start the week fresh so let’s see what we got here——-

I finally got all my stuff that the Bad UPS Lady scattered across a good part of La Salle County, South Texas,  US of A  — no

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Higher Expectations

Big Brown and Miss K mano a mano

One of the joys of actually being at an oil field gate guard  location with an established street address is UPS and FedEx delivery right to the door of your recreational vehicle.  UPS usually does a pretty danged good job in rural South Texas.  FedEx tries really hard but they bumble and fumble around so bad sometimes it makes me wonder.  I guess FedEx is easily confused.

Now just let me say right now that I only use UPS and FedEx when I run up against the dreaded “This item cannot be

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