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Some of this…..

Some of that…….

Poteet, TX strawberries. Who knew?

New equipment to shake out……

I will update later at some (unspecified) point. I could get very used to this. Just sayin’…………

Counting your chickens

Last night on the gate

One thing you learn early on about the South Texas oil patch is all plans are subject to change.  The plan was to work until 12/21 and then take 30 days off.  That time frame would have put me working 14 months 24/7 .  But the plan changed……   All oil companies have rules.  Some are more restrictive than others and some allow some latitude as far as strict enforcement.  There were two oil companies on this lease and one of them had a ‘No Pet’ policy.  Of course, I have never made it a

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Another - Dispatch from the Secret Hideout

The Hideout

Along about the seventh day of our  time off  I was trying to remember why we should go back to the Pucker Brush anyway.   It certainly wasn’t the standing ankle deep in suckish mud while caliche dust simultaneously caked your eyes.  Or trying to remember the Spanglish for ‘Slow yer ass down.’  Or tieing the garbage to the generator so it wouldn’t blow off toward Lubbock.  You know it is time to get the hell out when every problem looks like a nail and all you got is a hammer that you ain’t afraid to use.  Miss K

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