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The Wreckage of War

Father’s Day —  June 17, 2012

My Best Girl Cait got orders for Afghanistan.  I finished up that post back in May with these words:

I am holding out hope that perhaps something will change radically as far as our presence in Afghanistan.  Since it is an election year, I guess anything could happen and quicker withdrawal would be just fine by me.

The ‘anything’  I had fervently hoped for did happen.  Her orders to Afghanistan were canceled.  I cannot describe the weight that was lifted off my shoulders with that news.

With the cancellation of her orders, I guess that made her available

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Today's Significance - Reminder, Re-visited


Memorial Day 2012 — Catarina, TX

Andy’s note:   Originally posted on Memorial Day 2011,  I am re-posting in its’ entirety today.  Already fading from memory and generally absent in any current news report, we are still actively engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We would be well reminded to think of those young kids in uniform today;  and everyday.


Just reminder of the gallantry of our fighting forces on this Memorial Day.

May we be worthy of their sacrifices.


Cpl. Jonathan Yale and Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter, USMC

Marine Lt. Gen. John Kelly delivered a speech to the Semper Fi Society —

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Readers Write - A Decade of War

The war in Afghanistan started 10 years ago yesterday. Hard to realize we have been at war for a decade. Think about it — a 13 or 14 year old has never known our nation when it was not on a war footing. Think about how many dependents-spouses and children-have been changed by their partner or parent going off to The Sandbox not one or twice but sometimes 3 or 4 deployments. Think about those that did not make it home at all or the ones with physical injuries that will be part of the rest of their adult lives.

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