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Beatin' the Heat - Part II

Andy’s note: I wrote this Fourth of July morning but just couldn’t get into a patriotic mindset. On this day when we are supposed to celebrate our freedom from tyranny I am just not there. Seems to me like we have lost more freedoms over the last 12 months than we have gained. Vicksburg, MS did not celebrate the 4th for 80 years and I sorta feel like a Vicksburgian today. The American Flag IS

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I Need a Drink!

The Office. Helluva commute, huh?

More than once I have wondered how my blog posts are received by you readers. Sometimes I get mighty preachy. Other times I might spin up some wild tale that most folks might find just marginally believable. I tell fantastic tales about where we are hanging out; the weather, the critters, the dust and heat and the colorful folks, and I just wonder if it even sounds slightly

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Agua Addendum

That sediment filter is supposed to be white NOT caliche colored!

The guy who drops by to pump my septic and deliver fresh water rolled in here Friday afternoon. He was supposed to be here Tuesday but they seem to have their share of equipment problems on a pretty regular basis. He had a big ol’ gringo boy with him who is his apprentice was what I was told. So the new gringo

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Terlingua Reprise - The Heart of the Desert

Miss K woke me up in the pre-dawn hours getting out of bed. ‘Where are you going?’ ‘To put on some more clothes. It is COLD!’ She was right, no argument there at all. During the night the Old Girl had cooled to an uncomfortable level. Nothing for it but for me to get up and get some heat going. I had not expected it to get so cool overnight but then the Midland weatherman

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