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Facing the Music

“For those who still believe what happens over there does not affect us over here….”

On Chattanooga………  Catastrophic happenings  of the world might be held out arm’s length until some event hits home and it becomes up close and personal in less than the single beat of your heart. Folks are just funny about that.

And so it went this week when I got an email from BFF Cait “Have you got the news on?”  Well, nope.  Haven’t even got the TV on or the cell turned on.  I am at the Hideout fer chrissakes.   So I fired up the DISH

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Basic Winter RV Survival 101

This is the farthest North the Old Girl has been in 4 winters. I guess I have gotten a little lax because I gotta say the weather caught me off guard.

Everything was rockin’ along fine until a few days before Christmas. We were working daylight till dark 6 days a week and I had little time to think of anything else. The 2 biggest problems were the water supply and sewage disposal. The city water hookup here is 200 yds away. We bought some cheap garden hose and ran it from the hookup to a

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