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Observations of an RV Park

The NO Princess Palace under the pecan trees

Second week of being displaced against my will from the Puckerbrush and the giddy high of the escape has been replaced with the realization there will be no paycheck electronically transferred into my account on Thursday. I had months to plan out the inevitable job upheaval and I thought I had it well in hand. I had stocked up on supplies while the getting was

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Don't Be Afraid of Change - #2

February 2011. First gate guard assignment outside Muenster,TX in the Barnett Shale. Everything in this pic is GONE ‘cept for the Big Ass Suburban!

One of the things I like about myself is I have never been scared of change. I’ve changed careers, wives and hair styles with with aplomb and grace. Don’t bother me a bit most times he said with an almost straight face.

Back in February 2011, Me and Little

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Reader's Write - A Daughter's Remembrance


Note from Andy: We are fortunate here at MyOldRV to have a wide readership with many and varied interests. Back in the day. when the blog first started, it was all about recreational vehicles. Not so much now….which is a good thing.


Enjoy this guest post from VH.

I have labored long and hard over this post. I want to honor my Father and there is so much to honor and so many

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No Bar Too Far

Double Cat Bone Zune Moment this morning…….

You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones from the Let It Bleed cd ca. 1969 For What Its’ Worth by Buffalo Springfield from their debut cd somewhere around late ’67 or early 1968


Yep, that is Stephen Stills in the hat before he really was Stephen-Stills-as-we-know-him. Even a shot of Neil Young later in the video before they even would let him

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