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Writin' and Readin'


If you are going to wade into one of these gate guard jobs in Texas you need to prep yourself for a major lifestyle change.  Everybody I know that is doing this comes up with a schedule that suits them.  Miss K and I work 12 on/12 off.  Shift change is at 3am  / 3pm.   Miss K gets up around 11am or 12 noon and spends the hours before she goes on shift visiting or running errands in town like groceries, mail and laundry.  At 3am, she is ready for bed and usually heads that way within 30 minutes.   When

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The Ultimate Internet Access Project – Part Three. Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

My head is really starting to hurt now. I am at the point that I am more knowledgeable on the subject of bi-directional cellular amplifiers so I thought a call to Wilson Electronics out in Utah was the next order of business. I wrote some notes down and some product specs and placed the call. I was really hoping to get someone who spoke American English and not some off shore call center.

Wilson did not disappoint me. They do have a really great reputation and they deserve it. I got right through to tech support and

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The Ultimate Internet Access Project – Prologue

UPDATE 9/19/09

I never intended this series to run to this many installments or span over 6 months.  Maybe it gets a little wordy and unfocused at times but my intent was to educate the readers (you) on the why as well as the how.  If you are truly interested in learning about aircard internet access in your recreational vehicle set aside a block of time, get your favorite beverage and read the series through to the end.  It has more twists and turns and drama than the old quarter matinee on Saturday afternoons back in the day.   If you can

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