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Update on the Zune 120 – R.I.P. XM/Sirius

I bought a Microsoft Zune 120 gig mp3 player and I haven’t looked back! What really sold me on the Zune was the online subscription service which costs about $15 per month. I can download all the music I want and it stays on my player as long as my subscription is active. In addition, I get 10 song credits per month which allows me to purchase basically an entire CD each month that I get to keep forever! Good stuff, let me tell ya!

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Adios XM Satellite Radio

I had a subscription to XM satellite radio for years in the Suburban. I was hooked on XM12 which was their Americana country station. I listened to little else. Pioneer Inno Pioneer Inno Along the way, I acquired a pint sized portable XM receiver called a Pioneer Inno that was the best thing since sliced bread. I loved being able to listen to XM12 in the dozer and then save the songs I liked right to the hard disk on the Inno. What a cool innovation! It was a match made in heaven and I cheerfully sent XM my hard earned dollars for two subscriptions.

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