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Good to Go

Danby chest freezer defrosted and empty

I was sittin’ around last Tuesday evening when I got a text from Marciegirl.   “I am off tomorrow.  Do you still need me to fill in while you go to town?”   Pshaw!!  Is a 50lb baby fat?!?

In reality, I had given up on a supply run for the week and when you are running close to the edge like I was; you best double down.  That very day she texted me I had just received two full Amazon Prime Pantry boxes.  Prime Pantry is a great way to go for dry goods

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Untrammeled and At Large

Try doin’ this in Austin. Cops would be there before you fair got match to paper.

For those of you that ain’t guessed it yet………  Yes, I am at the Secret Hideout in Central Texas with My Bro. And yeah, we burn our paper garbage and such in the driveway if we feel like it.  That is all I will be saying about that.

My Bro packed up this morning to go tend to pressing business at home and that meant the contents of the ever-present-on-the-deck Yeti Tundra 45 Quart Cooler had to be divvied up. Talkin’ about long

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The Week That Was

Resident Roadrunner – No doubt a handsome cocky rascal.

I was sittin’ at the dinette the other morning as usual and noticed a good sized tarantula attempting to cross the road. The Resident Roadrunner soon took interest and went after that tarantula.  He would reach down and give him a good shake and off would pop a tarantula leg.  He repeated it until every leg had been removed from that big ol’ spider.  Then he scooped the octo-amputee up and ran across into the prickly pear – mesquite thicket to feed the young ‘uns.  Resident Roadrunner and the Missus

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Best To Leave That A-1 Sauce in the 'Fridge!

If you have been oil field gate guarding long enough,  you will discover one of the job perks is food.   At least down here in the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale  it is. Just finding a decent place to eat can be a real challenge so I guess part of the solution to keeping the rig boys working productively is just to bring the food to them.   Good food etiquette also means including the gate guards as well.  I don’t know who started that custom but you will hear no complaining from us.

The other day the area boss for the

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