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Our Top 10 products in use EVERY day while boondocking or gate guarding.

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Old Guy Gadgets

My reflection on the Old Girl's window

You quickly settle into a routine on this oilfield gate guard job.  You get used to the surges of traffic at 5am when all the guys that do not stay on site come in the gate.  That surge repeats in opposite fashion 12 hours later.   The guy that services our support trailer came yesterday –just like clockwork every 14 days.  He changes the oil and filters on the generator every visit.   I get a fuel fill up and the water supply is replenished —  all in about a 30 minute blur of

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Update on the Zune 120 – R.I.P. XM/Sirius

I bought a Microsoft Zune 120 gig mp3 player and I haven’t looked back! What really sold me on the Zune was the online subscription service which costs about $15 per month. I can download all the music I want and it stays on my player as long as my subscription is active. In addition, I get 10 song credits per month which allows me to purchase basically an entire CD each month that I get to keep forever! Good stuff, let me tell

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Adios XM Satellite Radio

I had a subscription to XM satellite radio for years in the Suburban. I was hooked on XM12 which was their Americana country station. I listened to little else.

Pioneer Inno
Pioneer Inno

Along the way, I acquired a pint sized portable XM receiver called a Pioneer Inno that was the best thing since sliced bread. I loved being able to listen to XM12 in the dozer and then save the songs I liked right to the hard disk on the Inno. What a cool innovation! It was a match made in heaven and I cheerfully sent XM my hard earned dollars for two

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