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Snowmageddon Throwback

This isn’t the winter storm named Jonas. Back in the day, nobody ever thought about naming snowstorms. I mean, why bother??? But I guess these days if you are twitterbooking or facechatting everything gotta have a label.  If you have better eyes than me, you will see the date on the front page is March 14th, 1993.   BFF Cait was coming up to be 6 years old and My Boy was almost 13.

I-78 last night somewhere in PA.

We were living just a bit north and east of Chattanooga – just a few miles away really and well out

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Fabric of Life - Wrongfun

Been awhile since I did a Fabric of Life piece.  I am overdue for real.  If you had your heart set on some reading material focused on soft little kitties and magic ponies, you hit the wrong place today.  Just sayin’…………

My maternal grandparents. Stern stock

I do not think there has been a day go by lately that I read or see or hear something about goings on out in the world that don’t make me wonder “What are those people possibly thinkin’ ??”   This week seems to be a standout in that regard. Muslim refugees are over-running the EU

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“I knew this ol’ gal once……….”

John Doe “Tittlemouse” Jones

The following post might be total fiction, sorta kinda true or the abject truth.  I ain’t sayin’…….  – Andy

Got a collect call this week.   When Is the last time that happened to any of y’all?  An omen of things to come from decades past perhaps?

The Machine Voice said ‘Will you accept a collect call from an inmate at the Dallas County Jail?  Inmate say your name.’

‘It’s Tittlemouse bro!’

Ah jeez!   The last I had heard from my other brother Tittlemouse    (or maybe click here)  was six months or better  back when he rang me

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Other People's Problems Are Not My Problems and vicey versey

A series of elucidatory vignettes

DIY coffee

I ran out of coffee this morning just as I brewed the last cup of the day in my Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker.  Worked out just right but I gotta say, most of my days been working out about like that lately. The stars must be aligned just so and I am digging it.  So on up in the morning,  I got out the Hand-crank Coffee Mill and scooped some Costa Rican La Minita Terrazu beans out of the Friis Coffee Vault and set to grinding up some coffee for the

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