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(Book Selection) Dulce - II

Sailor Dave was ready for semi-retirement. It was 1980 and he was 40 years old. 10 years of drug running had been profitable but you just don’t see many old drug runners unless you are visiting them in the Federal penitentiary. He figured an extended road trip around the Southwest looking for a new location to call home was just the ticket. After the split with Marian, he had returned to the Catalina to live

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(Book Selection) Dulce

>>October 2005<<

Chesley looked up as the last customer in line stepped to the counter at the Dulce, New Mexico Post Office. He looked like so many others out that way, grizzled and weather worn, a wear faded Carhartt vest decidedly warm for the fairly mild temperatures of the early fall and a go to hell gray Stetson with a corner of the brim turned up that was sweat stained where the crown met the

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(Book Selection) San Carlos Crossing -- V

Reaching the mesquite thicket by the spring, Lalo looked first to the crumpled body on the ground and then to the mule with the bullet crease across the neck. Senor Finis was obviously dead. Lalo grabbed him under both arms and dragged him back behind the shelter of the thicket and stretched him out on the ground. Retrieving the bedroll from the back of Black’s saddle, he covered the body. Leading the mule in behind

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(Book Selection) San Carlos Crossing - IV

The Winchester Model 97 Riot Gun Finis cradled across his pommel held 5 12 gauge shells in the tubular magazine below the 20 inch barrel and one more in the chamber. The shells were loaded with #4 buck — 28 lead balls almost a quarter inch in diameter in each shell would exit the shortened barrel at over 1300 feet per second when fired. At 20 yards or less it was decimating; anything breathing

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