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(Book Selection) San Carlos Crossing - III

Finis spoke in a low voice to Pascual. “Hold your men here. I am going to have a look-see over that hill.” The mule train was following the dry bed of Terlingua Creek which made a sharp turn to the right just ahead. Finis was going to take the opportunity to scramble up the low bank and take a look before they crossed the dirt track leading to Lajitas. He was a cautious man and

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(Book Selection) San Carlos Crossing - II

Sergeant Thomas L. Evetts paused under the mottled shade of the palapa in front of the Castolon Store to roll a smoke from the just purchased bag of Lobo Negro Tobacco. He scratched a match across the buckle of his gun belt and touched it to the paper. Squinting through the smoke, he watched the 2 other Rangers and the Customs Agent tend to the horses and the pack mule.

He had arrived with the

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San Carlos Crossing

The black horse mule looked down at the man squatted on the river bank as the man shifted the plug of Dan Patch tobacco to his other cheek and spat. They had both been waiting quietly in the willows watching the few lights in Paso Lajitas across the river go out one by one. It was just after midnight in late March, 1920.

Finis Turney was doing the mental calculations in his head – 18

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If I Don't Scare the Cows, Who Cares?

Self Portrait – 12-22-2012. ” The wilder the hair the less people bother with me.”

Well, it is a few days before Christmas here at the Casa de Petro somewhere in the Western Eagle Ford, South Texas, USA. The debit card took several near lethal hits and I stretched Amazon to the limit and endured the bitching and scathing stink eye of the Bad UPS Lady to git ‘er done but it looks

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