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Nothing New Under the Sun

It is so very tempting to talk about the news of the last seven days starting with Charlottesville but I will not.  The train to Crazytown has left the station and either you got on board or you didn’t.  Those of us that refused to get on board can read the handwriting on the wall, easily,  without the “help” of social media or the main stream news.  Plan accordingly.

“I am not afraid of dying.  I am afraid of not living.” -a blog I read this week.

“But you can’t make people listen. They have to come round in their own

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Dammit boy!

Webb County
South Texas, USA

62 square miles of this

Somewhere a dozen or more miles down a caliche rock road south of Catarina, TX — more or less.     Big lease here in the tens of thousands of acres and the guard setup reflects the activity level. 2 RVs here now;  a couple and me.  Sometimes it takes two people to handle the traffic or even more as they tell me there have been 3 RVs working this gate in the past.  We are working out of a guard house which makes sense and I am finding

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Another Year Older

Self portrait. 59 year old recluse?

Today is the day, 59 years old, and it will go unremarked by most.  ‘S alright.   be remembered by a few people that are unbelievably dear to me even after decades apart.  The inclination to throw a wide social loop is lessening with each day forward.  The dictionary says a recluse is a “ a person who leads a secluded or solitary life” and I am disposed to go along with that.  Not a result of any pre-planning or a cognizant path;  shit happens and there you are.  You can either roll with

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Sloppy Joes / Mac and Cheese

It is a curious wonder to me about the nature of folks.  I try my damnedest to steer clear of politics and religion here on the blog;  any one of ya’s that has been readin’ me for awhile knows I am of a decidedly conservative bent.  No big revelation there.  Every once in awhile My Other Bro Tittlemouse will drop in and visit for a bit and when it comes to politics, religion and the over all sorry state of general going’s on; you ain’t gonna shut him up…….. and so it was with my previous post.  Guarantee ya I

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