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I Cook At Night

Regular readers know we have always favored Memphis style BBQ around this house – that was Little Blondie’s doing. I grew up 80 miles north of Memphis so that style was home cooking ambrosia to me. But, you know, I have traveled this whole country and I can dig that South Carolina style BBQ as well.

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The Only Way Is Up

My slice of Pucker Brush

What is it they say? ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too.’ There was a shit ton of cake eating going on around the No Princess Palace prior to July 5th, 2014. I have never backed up to the pay window to collect my pay. Never will. Some folks do it with nonchalant aplomb. So it went down kinda like this. 900 miles straight driving out

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Bug Helmet

Bug helmet in action



I have espoused the wearing of Big Hats since Day One as they are a needful Pucker Brush accessory. Closing out my fifth decade as I am, the price is being paid for horrific sunburns from long back in the day. There was never a drop of suntan lotion or sun screen applied back then because you know as well as I do; we were unequivocally invincible.

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New York City!

NEW YORK CITY??????!!!!!!

Had a guy email me this past week that wanted to do a phone interview with me about living and working in a recreational vehicle. Well, me, Miss K and Tuco the Dog are certainly qualified to comment on that particular endeavor. Human ego jumps all over something such as this because we all want our 15 minutes of fame, right? Maybe so unless you are a curmudgeon.

I can

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