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The worm will turn

“The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on” (William Shakespeare. Henry VI, part III)

The Texas Oil Patch never sleeps.  A caliche fog settled on all a few hours back; the resultant of a weak cold front, moist Gulf air and the passings of numerous large trucks heareabout.   The damp gritty blanket settles on all things, the log pages are wet limp, the condensate drips off the edge of the Palace into the Tuco the Dog water bucket.

Blog entries are tough these days.  My train of thought is interrupted every few minutes by a truck coming or going.  The little city

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A Thousand Hungry Clocks*


Always a reminder to check the NASCAR Schedule

Ah, lets’ see , where was I?   I think I had promised last week that I would  finish up the Story of Miss K.   Best to get after it.

I trekked  over to New Braunfels as requested to meet face to face with Miss K.   I am a punctual fellow to a fault and I missed my designated arrival time by a good half hour; not my usual nature at all.   She had called to ask my whereabouts and I had mumbled something about getting a late start or traffic or

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The Deadly Crash at Crush

You see a blog post -usually- from me every coupla days and I guess for some readers it must seem like they appear here automagically.   Not so much, let me tell ya.  Most are penned in advance and then I schedule them for publishing at some future date.  I have said before that I usually have a  few paragraphs done in my brain prior to sitting down at the keyboard and then the words flow.  I used to prime the pump with a little Jim Beam over a single cube of ice and repeated as necessary long into the night. 

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Bad Men Least Expected

Local hangout. La Kiva Bar – Terlingua,Tx

Miss Kathy and I do our best to stay up to speed with the local news. Nothing gives you a better idea of what is going on in the local area.  We still joke about the truly bad weatherman we saw on late night San Angelo TV.  He would have been much more comfortable on a John Deere plowing a field of redtop cane than he was in front of that green screen muddling through the local weather.

I was chagrined last week to learn Brewster and Terrel Counties were not the fairy

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