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Help Me Out Here...

Tuco the Dog shows me her rib bone that she is particularly proud of. Ignore the dust on the floor. It comes with the job.

Do you think people love their dogs so much because they accept us as we are?  Is it because we know where we stand with a dog and there is never any question about where their love and loyalty lie?  Most likely.  I wish people ( and the world ) were more like dogs.

10 years ago or closer to 11 now I guess, I bailed out of Corporate America.  Actually, I got

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A Sunday in Late October.....

Sundays of late have been catch up days. Since we are graced with dry weather and working six days to try and get this job finished, Sundays are maintenance, chores and a little chance to kick back before it all starts again.

The Calvert jobsite in Late October

I went and got water today in the 300 gallon nurse tank for the last time at this job site. The job in North Dallas will have water on site and that will be a luxury I have not had in the past 22 months.

Even though it is late October, Texas

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Readers write – Buying an Older RV

I have found what I think to be an awesome deal on a 1993 34′ Dolphin Diesel. I’m thinking about picking her up next month when I go home on R&R. Is the Dolphin a unit to start off with for a young family? Is it a comfortable unit? Is it easy to work on if you are mechanically inclined? Any quirks about your unit that you’d prefer not to have to deal with? How is the steering with the front axle set back the way it is?

Please consider these questions when you have

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Fulltiming thoughts

So I guess by now you are wondering what the point of this post is? I have been thinking lately about what I would like to change on the Old Girl and the stuff I would never change. My situation is fairly unique I guess and I have specific from my recreational vehicle. I vary seldom have guests so sleeping space is not an issue. I cook on the stove very little but the microwave does get a workout. So as I voice my thoughts here please keep in mind YMMV (your mileage may vary 🙂

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