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Be Prepared

New to me Progressive Industries PT30C EMS

I lamented in a previous blog post that I was unsettled by the fact that I did not have adequate electrical protection in place. Running naked without a Progressive Industries EMS chills me– it really does. We have been using the same generator for 7 months with nary a problem but then again, you just never know. The Progressive Industries PT30C 30 Amp Portable EMS is

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Some days you’re the bug…

Some days you’re the windshield…

I was finally on my way, just easing along, taking my time and being easy on the equipment. I had 3 good sized towns to negotiate with my 53 foot rig and I was being super, super cautious.

Several trips across Hwy 190 between Jasper and College Station have resulted in a practiced routine. I have my special pit stops. I stop at the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Store to buy cigarettes,

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Blast Off!

All hooked up and ready to go

I start each of these job site moves with some trepidation. After all, my motor home is 17 years old and it is getting a little long in the tooth.

This move caused a little more concern than past moves.

I have been sitting in the same location for a year and the Old Girl had not moved an inch in that time. I am

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The Roundup

Let me throw this at ya. If you were going to go on a 90 day RV trip and you knew it was going to involve more dispersed camping than driving but you had no further details, what would you pack? That is our dilemma in a nutshell at these remote construction sites but on top of the motor home needs, we also have to worry about maintaining a dozen additional pieces of equipment

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