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The Puckerbrush Irregular - Your Local Brush Country News

Old age is not as bad as I thought. It’s a good feeling when you just don’t give a damn anymore and you feel lucky just to wake up in the morning.   Stolen from my blog buddy  Greg.

Saturday morn here in the Outliers of South Texas.  Chilly, breezy, good.  Just got in from the morning jaunt with Vela Von and gave her a bully stick to occupy her for a bit.  Now if you are not knowing what a bully stick is, well, it is a bull penis all dehydrated or cooked up or something.  Looks like a

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Two Ways

I decided since we live so perilous close to the edge out here in the pucker brush that needful action is in order for 2014.   It is not just the blowdown winds, big hails or buzz tails as big as your arm and long as your leg we gotta worry about doin’ our gate guard thing.  King Obama could unleash the hounds of hell on us most any day as well .  I think it prudent to get the house in order much as it is possible and that means havin’ two ways to do most things.  Two ways to

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The Toll of the Task

Nomad Camp seen through a rainy windshield

Life takes up a whole lotta my time.

It is getting about that time of year when the interest in gate guarding starts to increase.  Many of the folks who are planning on being down here in the Fall are getting their preparations in high gear right about now.   Judging by my responses regarding our nomadic lifestyle,  many folks have seen a change in lifestyle over the past year and are now living in some sort of recreational vehicle.  Not a thing wrong with that!   I got more than one email back after

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It's the dust colored one tire dude.....

AKA Surviving the South Texas Pucker Brush

The Suburban was the dustiest vehicle on the premises

Some of our Winter Texans that are planning on an oil field gate guard job invest quite a bit of time researching their new jobs before they head off down to South Texas and I gotta give ’em credit.  Miss Kathy calls it due diligence and thorough research is recommended because it is different down here.  A wonderful place to get tons of specific info is on our Oil Field Gate Guard Message Forum.  It is just chock full of helpful people.  So much

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