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A thousand miles done

An vacant gate guard slot is occupied.

A thousand miles and almost 30 days gone by and I am back in the puckerbrush of South Texas picking up exactly where me and this little blackface dog left off. It is nice getting back to a known routine and a regular paycheck.

You might recall me and Vela Von left under a cloud of uncertainty; not knowing if we would be back or not.

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Math and Gravity Baby, Just Math and Gravity

500 gallon septic tank for RV Pad use

The real title of this blog entry oughta be Installing a Septic System on Unimproved Property for Recreational Vehicle Parking. I like my title better. This septic system will allow us to park the Old Girl (or any RV) on our 21 acres in Terlingua and it is what you might call an ‘outlaw system’. No approved plans, no official soil tests, no inspections, no

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Terlingua - Laying the Groundwork

When I first started this blog, it was all about the Old Girl. Since those days, the blog has grown to encompass more of the total picture of what is going on in my life.

Every time we move, we set up a new basecamp for the Old Girl and whoever else wants to be included. Sometimes, I just push out a raw hole in the woods for the Old Girl and sometimes it is

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Aerial Photos

And now for something completely different… The property owners at our various jobs love aerial photos of their property. Who wouldn’t? We try to oblige. (Click on any image to see it full size)

1969 Cessna 182

Texas is a huge state and if you have to cover alot of ground in a hurry, an airplane is the only way to go. it has been this way in Texas for decades. Texas

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