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Our Top 10 products in use EVERY day while boondocking or gate guarding.

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UTV: Utility Terrain Vehicle

A UTV is a ubiquitous piece of equipment in Rural Texas. Farmers and ranchers use them, every hunter has one and it is not uncommon to see several loaded on a utility trailer along with coolers and generators for a trip to the deer lease.

Kawasaki Mule file picture

Our UTV is a 2007 Kawasaki Mule 3010 Trans 4×4.  It is usually the first piece of equipment on a jobsite with good reason.   We went along for quite sometime thinking we did not need a utility vehicle of this type.  On most of the jobsites,  the property owner had some

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Setting Up the Homestead–A Picture Essay

The utilization of my motor home is not unusual. I live in it full time on various job sites across Texas and Oklahoma. What is atypical (I think) is the fact I write about it. I routinely search the internet for other fulltimers who do what I do and I have yet to find one. Most of the full time RV blogs are good but they elaborate on a lifestyle that is pretty foreign to me. The Old Fish Bus — a 1993 Dolphin 32D by National has been in exactly ONE RV park in the

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Satellite TV on the Road

There are a few amenities that I simply cannot live without when I am on some jobsite 20 miles from nowhere. A cold beer at the end of a long dusty day, an internet connection and my television. I have one of those Wineguard amplified crank up antennas on top of the bus and it works great as long as you are close to a city. Scratch that option for me.

DISH Network for your RV.

I already had DISH network at the stick house and out at the shop so I just took the shop receiver

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The one thing I would change…..

The Fish Bus is old school to a degree. Certainly not 70s or 80s old

The Fish Bus the day I bought it….

school but it was manufactured in 1993 which means that many of the given amenities are absent. It was before the day of gas/diesel generators, slide outs, air bag suspensions, white leather couches and 600hp diesels. Come to think of it, a newer coach in my line of work would be just plain silly. I would run myself crazy keeping the black streaks off the full body paint. I would have trouble maneuvering a

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