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Lifestyle Headache

My Bro wins the fight with a West TX buzztail. Exemplary trigger protocol on an old school S&W 5906.

Well in to the summer down here in the puckerbrush even though the calendar says we are a coupla weeks shy; several days already over 100 with oppressive humidity. That equals energy in the atmosphere and that means severe thunderstorms. Had one blow through here a week or so ago from the northwest with

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Readers Write - Lunch with Granny

Old friend Miss V has shared a story with us today. Me and her sabe same same on most things. She smiles if you call her West Texas Oilfield Trash because you have to earn that label.

Before we get to that I want to share a parable I read in a blog this week. Gonna paraphrase……

Crane, TX today

Two millenial brothers. The oldest one decided early on the ‘American Dream’ was

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Dammit boy!

Webb County South Texas, USA

62 square miles of this

Somewhere a dozen or more miles down a caliche rock road south of Catarina, TX — more or less. Big lease here in the tens of thousands of acres and the guard setup reflects the activity level. 2 RVs here now; a couple and me. Sometimes it takes two people to handle the traffic or even more as they

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Mason County, Texas

Mason,Tx -Gem of the Hill Country

I just spent the most pleasant 2 weeks I can recall of late at the Mason City,TX RV Park in the Western Hill Country. Mason’s claims to fame are Fred Gipson, the fella that wrote Old Yeller was born and raised on a cotton farm in Mason County. The movie premiered in 1957 right on the Square in Mason at the Odeon Theater which is still in

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