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Ed.Note: OK, so I am slacking this week and have actually broken the Secret Hideout rule twice which states no beer shall be consumed between the hours of 0600 and 1200 noon because well, it looks bad for the kids and grandkids. The last thing I had any intention of doing this week was a blog post. BFF Cait bailed me out and submitted the following. My notes on the post appear in italics.


Readers Write - Lunch with Granny

Old friend Miss V has shared a story with us today. Me and her sabe same same on most things. She smiles if you call her West Texas Oilfield Trash because you have to earn that label.

Before we get to that I want to share a parable I read in a blog this week. Gonna paraphrase……

Crane, TX today

Two millenial brothers. The oldest one decided early on the ‘American Dream’ was

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Pic from the first blog. The Old Girl on the job near Newton,TX ca. 2/2009

I have given up writing a post this week a half dozen times in the last two days; retreating to my Kindle each time. It is SO much easier to pick the reader up after an interruption than it is to regain my train of thought and continue writing a blog entry. The shift I work from noon

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Readers Write - The Death of the Last Real Old Time Beer Joint in Dallas

Reader VH has graced us with her writings before — most notably here. I was talking to My Bro the other day and we touched on the downside of Texas’ burgeoning population. It is a wonderful place to live and the rest of the country is finding that seemingly so. Downside??? Many of our recent immigrants to the State strive to live the same-same lifestyle as the did ‘up north’ or ‘out on the coast’.

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