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Counting your chickens

Last night on the gate

One thing you learn early on about the South Texas oil patch is all plans are subject to change.  The plan was to work until 12/21 and then take 30 days off.  That time frame would have put me working 14 months 24/7 .  But the plan changed……   All oil companies have rules.  Some are more restrictive than others and some allow some latitude as far as strict enforcement.  There were two oil companies on this lease and one of them had a ‘No Pet’ policy.  Of course, I have never made it a secret

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Drowning in Chinese Crap

Yeah, sure, good luck with that!

CAMCO Chinese crap

Honest, I try my best to source American made goods whenever I can even if it costs a bit more. About all I got left to do that might make some sort of miniscule difference is voting with my pocketbook. All I got to say is that it is getting harder and harder especially when the seller is intentionally vague about the Country of Origin.  This ain’t an oversight on their part – it is oh so intentional most every time.  They call it marketing.

I changed out

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Fresh Air

An OEM RV vent fan nastied up with some puckerbrush dirt and dead bees.

I have been here at this location north of Fowlerton, Texas for 196 days straight. My last trip to town for supplies was 38 days ago.  I have one package of bacon left. Something must give soon. Bacon withdrawal is ugly and I would not wish it on any man.

A Puckerbrush Barometer –  I am 30 yds from a much traveled oil patch highway.  Thankfully, there is an automatic gate which is only opened with the correct keypad combo between me and the sneakers and salesmen. 

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Snake School

New Dometic Brisk Air II 15k btu unit

I have been at this location north of Fowlerton, TX for 168 days.  A fair amount of time but not a record…  That would be 236 days spent just a few miles from here.

You can’t live in a tin box in South Texas when the weather starts to warm up unless you have air conditioning. As a matter of fact I always recommend 2 rooftop AC units in your recreational vehicle if you want to live with some comfort during July and August down here.  So when the rooftop AC went out

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