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Gimme Hats

Gimme hat and wringin’ out a dangerous piece of black bowling equipment. Arizona Desert 2011

Friday, April 2 was the date for a supply run to Lytle and a vet visit for Vela Von.  The last time I went after groceries was 90 days ago and truth be known, I could have made it a coupla more weeks with what was on hand but chicken, beans and rice were getting old.   The one thing I truly, truly missed were fresh eggs. Spent $300 at the Super HEB and $149 at the vet. Oh, and a few bucks at McD’ to

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I killed a hunnert spiders

On that Amazon thing……..

MyOldRV has been an Amazon affiliate since Day 1 as far as I can be remembering.  When y’all click through to Amazon off this blog right here and buy something, ol’ Jeff Bezos gives me a couple percent of the sale.  Jeff is a smart fella and I am sure he is making more than the just about 10 cent I make when you buy something.  On the other hand, I bet I sleep more peaceful-like at night ’cause I ain’t got that weight on my shoulders that he bears.  I’ll take it my way hand’s down.


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July Vignettes

At the Secret Hideout

122 days here at the Secret Hideout. 

Been to the real grocery store 3x for a total of about $325.   Much of that was restocking some hard goods that had become depleted and refilling the freezer with protein.   One of the alt-blogs I visit issued a challenge to its’ readers yesterday with the encouragement to post the experience to the comments section.  The challenge was to unplug from the grid and leave the car in the driveway for 48 hrs. Hmmmm, alrighty then.  Lets’ see how this train wreck unfolds for the masses.  I always espouse bein’

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Surviving to Live

Please remember, MyOldRV is an Amazon affiliate. When you do your shopping through any of the Amazon links here, including the Amazon box in the sidebar or the link directly above here, it won’t cost you any more, but I’ll get a small commission on everything you buy. Pretty important these days as the bank account is dusty dry. Just click on one of the Amazon links, then shop as usual.

An endless parade of mostly wore out batteries tried in myriad ways – no bueno

9 weeks here at the Secret Hideout and a fella would think a daily routine

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