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A truck by any other name……

We do a lot of work for doctors. In this day and time that is a good niche market to be in. Internists, sports doctors, kidney doctors –you name it. All kindsa doctors except for dentists, we charge them extra. For some reason doctors love to buy large acreage tracts and then spend substantial dollars to improve the property.

My brother always goes on the initial consultation and the running joke is this:

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Different Strokes for different folks OR One RV does not fit all

In 2006, my brother who owns the excavation business where I work took my advice and said he was ready to buy an RV. He was tired of living in a motel with his DW and all the hassles that entailed. Sometimes the jobsite was 30 minutes from the motel, he had the fuel stolen out of a tank in the bed of his truck, you had to eat out all the time, he

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Others are doing it too….

It is still muddy here and in case you don’t know it, bulldozers and sticky clay mud don’t mix too well. I have been reading articles all afternoon about full time RV living. I have to say that the internet is a huge source of information and I could not do without it but it is also a huge source of mis-information as well. Consider this great (yeah right) article about how cheap fulltiming

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Extreme boondocking in a famous place…..

Have you seen the ads all over TV for Visit Las Vegas where they flew the entire town of Cranfills Gap, TX to Vegas? In the fall of 2007, we did not know we were doing a job in a soon to be famous place. The job in itself was unusual. The landowner was a Texas native; a doctor who had moved to Anchorage,AK right after graduation to practice. He told us he could

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