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Wigglin’ in the woods

95% of our clients are not true ranchers or land managers. They have generally made their fortunes elsewhere and the rural land they buy is for the enjoyment of them and their families.

So try this scenario — you just purchased 800 acres of pine and hardwood forest 2 hours from where you live. You purchased it pretty much blind…. there was an aerial photo 10 years old and you were able to drive

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Hunkering down

Texas is not the greatest place to be in the spring. Being right in the middle of Tornado Alley you just know the weather is going to get fractious. I could see it coming yesterday. Unsettled weather with a cold front swooping down to meet the warm air coming out of the Gulf, you just know it is going to be bad. This morning they said the tops of the thunderheads were going to

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The Ultimate RV Internet Access Project – Part Five. Equipment List.

After two weeks of research, the equipment to upgrade internet access in my motor home is on the way. Let’s look at it and I will try to explain why I bought each particular piece. Starting at the top….

The outside antenna from Cellantenna.com:

Yagi 14 element dual band cellular antenna

CAY819 Dual Band/World Band Yagi 59.95 + $13.25 shipping = $73.20

Outside antenna selection is so critical to an internet access

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Get that Cellular Antenna Up in the Air!

Wilson Trucker's antenna over 20 ft in the air

Here north of Newton,TX I am definitely outside even the fringe reception area. Without the Wilson amplifier and external Wilson Trucker’s antenna, I get 0 bars on my Motorola Razr phone and a reading of -105 dBm on my aircard. If I flip the Wilson amp on, the readings improve. I get 1 bar on the phone and about -91 to -95 dBM

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