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The Ultimate Internet Access Project -Part 6- Getting the Yagi Antenna Mounted

Yagi antenna 25 feet in the air above the Fish Bus

Mounting the Yagi antenna has required some real thought and research. I knew I had to get the antenna up in the air as high as possible. My research also indicated mounting the antenna to a metal pole was the best route.

I had a Flagpole Buddy already mounted to the rear ladder on my motor home and I decided to

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Scrounging and Recycling

What do you do when it rains 6 inches and your whole world centers around an aging diesel pusher motor home with a scant 200 square feet of living space? If you were me, you would pull on the rubber boots and go “piddle around” the base camp.

The past few days has been productive even though I have not even been in the cab of a dozer since last week. I engineered the

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Musings on a Broadband Aircard Connection

Keep in mind as you read this rambling post that I am not an expert in the field of broadband internet technology-whether it pertains to a recreational vehicle or not. I have been around the aircard end of this for quite awhile— all my equipment says Cingular on it and my connection package (which is no longer offered) is for unlimited use at $59/month.

I sometimes question how you can quantitatively measure the strength

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Four Star RV Parking – Sorta Kinda

The property owner moved his Jayco to the property a few days ago and it was my assignment to help him get things set up. It is going to be here on a near permanent basis so we wanted to make sure it was set up correctly. He is fairly new to recreational vehicles so our help was well received.

The owner's 31' Jayco Bunkhouse parked next to the Old Girl


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