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Passing the torch

I don’t normally post about family or friends but there is always the exception. Warning: This post has nada RV content. Just so’s you know.

Back in the big hair days known as the 1980’s when I was a lean, mean truck driving machine; I courted and married a cute little Tennessee blond. She came with a starter family which, in this case, was a 3 year old boy. After a couple of years

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Life’s Simple Pleasures

I can hardly remember what it was like when I was tied to Corporate America. Well, that is not exactly true…. I remember it all too well but these days it seems like it was somebody else grinding it out in a suit and tie every day. These days I do several different things but the main one involves a bulldozer and my brother. One of the favorite things we do during the course

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Peeeuuuw! What is that smell? Managing your RV Holding Tanks

As sure as death and taxes, when the weather heats up the recreational vehicle forums are filled with posts about the awful smell emanating from the RV holding tanks. I am just starting my 4th year of full time living in my National Dolphin 32D. The last 2 years have been on mostly remote job sites all over Texas – you can read plenty about that in previous blog posts. I can tell you most definitely that I do not care for the smell of raw sewage inside the Old Girl. So what do I do about that smell when the outside temps are 100+ for days on end?

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Tractor Supply sells Chinese Crap

Within a week these Tractor Supply Chinese Crap gloves split at the side seam, 3 weeks later the seam at the thumb split open

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