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Computer Nerd-O-Rama

Note: This is one of those nostalgic “Back In the Day” posts that sometimes have no point and sometimes just feature me doing some old fart whining….and some times not.

It is like a Woot Off; you never know what is coming up next.

So, Back in the Day, (How else would a Back in the Day post start?) I kept up with all the latest electronic gadgets and toys. All of

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More Snow In Texas!

We worked like our hair was on fire Monday. Tuesday was forecasted for 4-6″ of snow as far south as where we were. Nothing will make a job site muddier than melting snow so we knew we were going to have another few days off.

Sure enough, I got up Tuesday morning to rain and sleet. The Weather Radar showed the snow was on the way.

Snow begins to blanket the ground

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A Rope Too Short

I love my brother, I really do. I think it most fortunate that after most of a life spent apart we get to spend the better part of each day together in an unconventional setting. With all that said, he is wound a little tight. Now, he suffers a fool no less than I but he just gets so upset at times. Actually, upset is a bit mild. He gets ranting, stomping, throw your

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I have the biggest campfire

I was just reading a thread on Escapees forum and people were bitching about campfires. Oooo, the smoke gets in my eyes or the smell gets on my clothes or its’ too big — whatever! These folks who think the entire campground should run on their own rules always find something to bitch about. You know what I am thinking? Their big old RV or trailer has tires on it. They need to get

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