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Blog$ 'N' Buck$

MyOldRV.com is one year old this week. This internet gig has certainly come a long way in the last 15 years… or thinking back 25 years to the days of usenet and BBS’; nobody could have predicted the influence and importance of the internet.

Back in the napalm blast dot com boom, I made some silly money on the internet and NASDAQ. I was old enough to realize the ride was too intense to

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Hunkered down

The trip down to the jobsite in Calvert turned into just an overnighter. New tires on Tuesday took up most of the day. I saw no point in rushing back up to Dallas so I decided to spend the night in the Old Girl and see what the updated weather forecast showed the next morning. I was hoping the rain event forecast for Thursday would be down graded.

I am still dealing with no

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The Infatuation With All Things Large

What is it with guys and big things? Big trucks, big guns, big lawnmowers, Wives/GFs with big… Oh, just stop! 🙂

I was on the way back from College Station and stopped in at Country RV to get some propane from those good folks. My regular propane guy comes out and says “Did you see them moving that big generator north on Hwy 6 this afternoon?”

I had seen it, I just didn’t know

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New Rubber for the 'Burb

Buying new tires for the Suburban is always an exhausting exercise… and these Kumhos have seen their best day. I have to have 10 ply tires (Load Range E) to handle the heavy loads I sometimes pull and protect from punctures. Some of the places we go, everything either sticks or bites you. Big ol’ mesquite thorns go through flimsy tires like a laser beam. I have to have all terrain tires to pull

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