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Adventures in the Woods -- Bees and such...

Back in the day, I was plenty more agrarian than I am now. My bro and I grew up in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and spent every summer working on my Grandfather’s farm in West Tennessee. Hell, I went to College and majored in Dairy Science and actually worked on Dairy Farms for several years. Back then it was peace and love and communes and sometimes in the early 70’s, a bunch a

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Worth About a Dollar

In September of 2008, I purposely put myself in the path of Hurricane Ike in Houston. I detail most of it here. The long and the short of it was my elderly Father had surgery earlier in the week and was still confined to the hospital and my Mom was with him. They were quite concerned as they should have been and welcomed my presence and assistance prior to Ike’s landfall. A reprise of

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Adventures in the Woods

We have established our ‘foothold’ here at Calvert. The driveway is done so we can pull in and park equipment and the hook-ups (sans water) are in place to make my like just a bit easier. The next order of business on a wooded property like this one where you eventually intend to have a 4 acre lake and a house site is to get rid of the woods. DUH! :).

I went in

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Well, the good news is....

Shattered tempered glass

First part of the week, my bro and I had to fly to East Texas for 2 days. I left the Chevrolet Suburban at the local airport. The City maintains the former war time landing strip nicely even though the facilities there are not staffed. At some point during our absence, the City decided to mow the grass. When we returned to the airport, I discovered the left side

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