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Life by the Drop

We are standing down today– the weather is hot and humid with no rain chance in the 7 day forecast. Looks like a high pressure cap is dominating the weather scene and when that happens, thunderstorms are unable to form. Everyone has to take a break sooner or later.

On the To Do list today is laundry….

The Laundromat

I carry 3 weeks worth of work clothes so when it is time

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Reader's Write - Putting the Old Girl Out to Pasture

Reader Bill responds to a previous blog entry:

Hey Andy:

‘Been reading your blog for a bit of time now. I appreciate your candor and, like you, after being in a suit for 30 years appreciate getting out of the office. I just didn’t get to do it as soon as you. But I did get to “retire” before the government “approved date” so I guess there is some payback for those years. Don’t

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Time for a change?

The use of the Old Girl has changed since I purchased her. Fulltiming was not even thought about at that point. I bought the recreational vehicle for occasional weekend use and to pull my 28′ enclosed car trailer to various weekend events.

The Old Girl at Texas World Speedway in College Station. 2006

Early in 2007 the focus changed. I decided it was foolish to continue to live alone in a 2500

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Gain the Whole World – At What Cost?

I have had occasion this past week to discuss money, kids and politics with several people whose counsel I value. Regular readers will know I am not shy about voicing my opinions.

From back last July, I inflicted this advice on the readership at large…

So I taught the boy baby and the girl baby what I know. I watched them grow up; day by day and year by year. Each year that passed

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