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The Belly of the Beast

I drove for a living for years — Across the country, border to border and it never phased me. Before I turned in the Corporate Suit, I commuted 120 miles per day across Dallas; no sweat.

My plan today was to fall off down toward that Houston and stay the night with my parents on the east side of town; it is Mother’s Day and all. I checked my Mapquest route and the Tom

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Things That Work; Working Things

From a previous post titled Tractor Supply Sells Chinese Crap–

I carry a pair of leather work gloves in my back pocket all the time. Not because I am afraid of messing up my manicure but

The end of a long, hot day. A sweaty back, draggy ass Wranglers and gloves in my back pocket.

because working around all this heavy equipment you can ruin your hands if you are not careful.

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Wilson Electronics Makes the Grade....

I sure have missed my Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO amplifier. It failed as all mechanical things eventually do. The bidirectional cellular amplifier is a necessity — not a convenience in my RV boondocking environment. Since the demise of the Wilson Amp I have been dealing with a signal that fluctuates between -95 and -109dbm. Think in the terms of it taking 15 minutes to upload a blog entry. It was excruciating but what are

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Mean Boys

The rhythm of work has settled in at the job site outside of Calvert, TX and whenever that happens, the blog posts dwindle in number.

Some readers may think I enjoy the harsh environment at some of our more remote job sites and they would be right. Some readers may think I am just a cheapskate and prefer not to pay for a spot in an RV park and they would be right… and

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