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The Fountain of Doom

Most RV’ers know about the dreaded Pyramid of Doom or you should! The Pyramid of Doom happens when you are hooked to a septic system and you leave the drain valves open on your holding tanks. Now, leaving the drain valve open on the gray tank is perfectly fine. It fills up quickest and it is much less effort if you just leave it open to run into the septic system. I usually close

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Lookin’ Like Death On a Cracker….

High humidity and sweltering temps in Central Texas are to be expected in late June. That is just the way it is. A chain saw is a punishing piece of equipment that will just wear you out and then amputate a limb or digit when you aren’t watching. The two items should never be combined. Trust me on this.

One of the things we have had to do on this Calvert, TX job is

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What a Relief! Window Air Conditioner Unit Installed

The Texas heat is not letting up and I had to come up with a plan to get some relief. I wrote about the problems I was facing with just 30 amp service last week and the inability to run both roof top mounted air conditioning units simultaneously on only 30 amps.

The only option was to purchase a small window air conditioner – hoping it would operate on the existing 20 amp breaker

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WTF? The Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO Amp Fails Again!

With a title like this, you would expect a rant against Wilson Electronics. Not the case today folks, read on to find out the circumstances.

My one year old Wilson Amp failed and Wilson replaced it quickly. 3 weeks ago, the Wilson Electronics 801245 SOHO Cellular Amplifier sent as a replacement failed as well — after less than a week in service. It got very hot and then all the status lights went out

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