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Sweltering in the Crushing Texas Heat

Well, this is a different scenario for me but life is full of challenges, right? Every jobsite that I have parked the Old Girl at over the past 3 years has either had 50 amp service or no service. I modified the 30 amp service common on older RVs so I could run BOTH air conditioning units on 50 amp service. On the older 30 amp recreational vehicles you cannot run both AC units

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Adventures in the Woods - Bees and Such Yet Again

Honey bees are not faring well in the US and many people are not aware of this – or of the importance of bees as pollinators in the food chain. Interesting to me is the fact that honey bees are not native to the United States. In the last few years a weird phenomena has affected the U.S bee population called Colony Collapse Disorder which makes the discovery of a wild bee tree even

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Spinning Up Out of the Gulf

In Southern and Central Texas, The Gulf of Mexico can have a huge influence on our weather patterns.

Tell tale radar signature of a Gulf Low

What typically happens is a low pressure system forms out over the Gulf and the counter clockwise rotation brings the warm moisture laden air right up over Texas where it meets the cool air that came down from up in Montana or South Dakota and the rain

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