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It is always something....

I was gone all day this past Saturday and only left the 6500 btu window AC unit running. With the temps here in Texas close to the century mark, I knew the Old Girl was gonna be hot when I got home.

I was right about that! The inside thermometer read 94 degrees when I poked my head inside the door. Regular readers will know that I only have 30 amps available here in

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Fabric of Life - Baptists Have Better Food

As I wrote in my previous post, My Grandmother died last week. She was a month short of her 95th birthday. She was married to the same man for 52 years and she was a member of the same Baptist Church for 70 years. While those figures may seem extraordinary, I think they are quite common in what is left of Rural Agri–America.

My Grandmother (lower left) with her sisters and Mother

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Fabric of Life - The Greatest Generation

My maternal grandparents shaped my life… and my brother’s as well. From an early age, we worked on the 200 or so acres my Grandfather cropped ‘on the shares’ in rural West Tennessee — the same ground for 50 years. In other words, he was a tenant farmer and 1/4 of the crop went to the landowner.

My Grandfather on the left, Uncle Bill on the right and their parents seated Ca.

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