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An Angry Young Man

I read a variety of blogs and forums each day; I call it Running the Traps.

The Old Girl on a hot August day

Back in the day, I read a real newspaper every day. I haven’t read a newspaper in years. The blogs and forums mirror my interest. RV stuff, firearms related things, Texas lifestyle essays; that kinda stuff.

One blog I read is by a young guy who lives down

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Incoherent Ramblings and Disjointed Thoughts

Why is it when you have time to get out and bum around you don’t have the extra funds? I guess I need to work more, huh? Then I don’t have the spare time to bum around. What a vicious circle! So this entry is just a disjointed series of miscellaneous thoughts and random events — none of which alone would meet my minimum word requirements for a stand alone blog post.

That damned

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Piddlin' and Sweatin'

Still takin’ it easy here in Calvert waiting on this job to wrap up and the next one to start in North Dallas. I think I will head up to North Dallas Tuesday to see what the RV facilities look like. I think the owner is going to have to make some power mods to accommodate us. I would rather him do it now instead of after I arrive. It is too danged hot

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My Kitchen is Smaller than an Eggroll

Note: This is a first. No one has ever guest authored on MyOldRV but I guess there is a first time for everything. I can only guess y’all are getting tired of my anarchistic, NO-RV content ramblings. The ladies ( and you know who you are!) should appreciate this one… Andy

Small RV Kitchen

How to cook a gourmet Asian meal when your kitchen is smaller than an egg roll:


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