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Air Conditioners Running Hard....

18 days straight of temps over 100 degrees and it finally broke a little bit today — the official temp was 97 degrees.

Texas Heat Wave

Not a record by any means but by God, it has been plenty hot for me. Luckily, I sorta got ahead of the curve at the first of the Summer and installed an everyday window air conditioning unit in the Old Girl to augment the cooling

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Shedding the Yoke....

Fulltiming in an RV has different connotations for different people. Some seem to think it is an endless series of travels in a recreational vehicle; seeing wondrous sight after another until they recede into a blurry kaleidoscope of memory. Some use the RV to migrate south in the winter and then north in the summer; maybe a conventional stick house awaits them on one end or the other. Hey, if it works for you,

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Texas Saturday Night

When the last 14 days straight have seen high temps of 100 degrees or above, you know you are in the middle of High Summer in Texas. Over in the poor section of town, folks are sitting out in the yard under the shade tree for some relief. Forget about cooking anything on the stove! Over in the well to do part of town; doors are shut, blinds are drawn and the only thing

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Things Happen in Threes — The Fantastic Vent Fan Bites the Dust

First it was the LaCie External hard drive and the Zune 120 gig mp3 player and then I started to get concerned about my Fantastic Vent Fan. The Fantastic Fan has been running 24/7 since the first day I took the Old Girl home; going on 4 years now. Day in and day out, hour after hour, the fan has been exhausting the cigarette smoke out of the Fish Bus.

A month or more

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