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The Spectacle at Roundtop, Texas

It is a good little stretch from the High Desert of Terlingua to the German Hill Country

Only in Texas– Notice the 'sold' sign

of Roundtop, TX, Population 81. Except the population isn’t exactly 81 for this two weeks in the Fall. We are here for the 43rd Annual Fall Antique Show and the estimates of show attendance gyrate wildly. Some say as little as 50,000 people over the next 2 weeks

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A Little Good; A Little Bad

You know how it is with something, when it is not working right or it is just plain aggravating to be around, that you tend to shun it? I know that is my nature. Trying to get MyOldRV back in shape has been like that. It used to be like sliding on a comfortable pair of boots to come here and write. For the last several days, it has been about as pleasant as

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It is always something...

Notice anything different lately??

The blog (along with all my other websites) has been down for almost 24 hours due to operator error . I wish I could blame it on my web server or some such other nerdy thing but that is not the case.

My credit card on file for automatic billing with my web host expired. I was having so much fun out there in Big Bend I overlooked the email they

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Big Bend Picto-Essay

I am still trying to get my brain around this whole Big Bend thing. It assails the senses at every turn. We ventured down toward the Castolon Region of Big Bend today — it basically encompasses the western area of the park. You can make a loop of it by taking 14 miles of bone jarring high clearance gravel road on the Old Maverick Trail and returning via the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive which

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