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Another Milestone

It is December 29,2010. I am 55 years old today seeing as how I was born in 1955. 55,1955,2010. There is something about all these numbers that ought to have some sorta numerological significance. It escapes me.

Funny, I don’t feel any different.

I think I will just go get a lottery ticket.

Is this thing on?

It has been two weeks since the last post and I ain’t about to make any excuses — not much anyway. I have stated in the past that I would NOT do the mundane blog thing.

“It was cold this morning then it warmed up. Miss Kathy went to Albertson’s and bought groceries. We had Mac and Cheese for supper. That’s about it.”

Ok, so tell me. How boring is that? Is that any way

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Did I Miss Anything?

I found out some things about internet access this past 10 days or so. Once you get used to it, it becomes almost indispensable. Public WiFi is a huge hassle. It is just damned tough to research alternate internet connection options if you don’t have internet.

So I broke down and fed the AT&T machine some more dinero…. but I did it on my own terms. Yeah, that’s the ticket. One of my wise readers

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Road Trip!!!

Normally by Thanksgiving our dirt work is about over. It is not uncommon for me to be off work until late January or even February. When the ground gets wet in winter, it takes forever to dry out. Of course we took off for Thanksgiving and then I found out Sunday my Bro is going to Tulsa to finalize a BIG job up there which will begin Spring 2011. He doesn’t know how long he

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