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Don't Be Afraid of Change

Sitting here in the gone away night of a Saturday, I can’t help but think of past days in my life where I was just starting a new job. I did a quick tally and it looks like I have tried around 7 different careers. Some of the branches intertwined at times and not all of them were as successful as the one left behind or the new one, but they have all been interesting.

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Change of Venue

What about a mid-day post? I am actually writing this late Thursday night. Today was spent packing up and loading the Desert Tan Baby with support equipment. I have been alluding to this new job for months but I didn’t want to get the dreaming thing out there too far. When it is a fact. you will know about it.

As you are reading this we are probably enroute to the new gig

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Long Distance Lovin'

The twins

Wednesday was a road trip day. I bought another military cargo trailer in Hooks, TX which is hard by Texarkana — 2 hours and 40 minutes away. The first trailer was sold on eBay for some some good coin and I am just waiting on the ‘Dude’ to pick it up next week. Hell, it is paid for and I am not paying rent for it to sit here. Seems this

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The First Good Sweat

83 degrees today and time to get cracking on some overdue maintenance on the Old Girl. Late this week I ordered some new front tires for the Old Girl from Tire Rack. I have been using Tire Rack for years and one of the things I really like is their rating system. Tire owners, like you and me, rate the tires they have bought on about a dozen different factors like dry traction, wet traction,

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