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This Ain't the Walmart Parking Lot

Oil Field Gate Guard Digs

I was reading on one of the internet recreational vehicle forums and a question asked often is ‘What kind of RV would suit us best?” I can see how a noob to RVing would be totally overwhelmed by all the RV stuff. This question is usually followed by someone else asking ‘What do you plan to use it for?’ since all of us internet recreational vehicle types are

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South County - Terlingua, Texas


Regular readers will know Miss Kathy and I are planning an immigration to Terlingua, Texas hopefully sooner than later. Terlingua is in Brewster County — the southern part scooched right up on the Rio Grande and Mexico. It is 80 miles from the county seat and as such, enjoys (or suffers) quite a bit of separation from The Real World As We Normally See It. Brewster Countians refer to the area as

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Oilfield Gate Guard Hiring and Contact Info

I have gotten a flood of requests for information regarding oil field gate guards and how other folks with recreational vehicles can obtain employment like Miss K and I did. The following companies hire oilfield gate guards in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. I have not contacted most of the companies and do not know what opportunities they may or may not offer. Be advised that most companies require two people because of the 24/7 requirements

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The Fabric of Life -- Defining Moments

This oilfield gate guard gig has brought some changes in old habits and daily accoutrements as well. That is to be expected with any new job I guess. I sit outside most of the day as that is easier than going up and down the steps, banging doors and walking over Tuco the Dog each time I have to check somebody in the gate.

Zip ties- the baling wire of the 21st Century

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