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What Day Is It Again?

30 minutes from daylight at the Old Girl

It gets sorta like that after awhile. What chronological order in the universe I was trying to maintain just gets all tossed up like a pile of white coat hangers in my brain. It has been days since I crossed the cattle guard out into the real world. People have died and gotten married and the sun still comes up every morning. It is what

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Good Eats - A Pictorial Essay

The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker continues to be a huge hit. I now realize the key to a good piece of smoked meat is a smoker that is easy to use — you will use it more and get better at it. Checking in folks at the gate affords the perfect opportunity to do a little smoking in the side.


Chicken breast with smoked potatoes



Pork ribs and potatoes

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Boondocking Water

Oil field gate guard nurse trailer

Ever since we started this industrial boondocking thing years back, I have been responsible for the fresh water supply. Whether we got it from a ranch well, filled up the 300 gallon tote at the corner beer store or used the little 65 gallon tank that fits so well in the back of the Suburban, it was always my responsibility to make sure it was potable. Sure,

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Spring Storms, Latvians and More Snakes

Miss K asks 'Tell me why we live in Tornado Alley again?'. This look is the classic stink eye-directed at me of course

If it’s Spring and you are anywhere in Texas besides the High Desert, spring storms are a fact of life. Miss K doesn’t like that-not one bit. I used to assuage her fears by pointing out the 40 ton bull dozer outside the door that would provide a safe haven

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