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The Fabric of Life: I didn't get a tie

or socks or a new cd or a Polo shirt or even a card for Father’s Day. I got this……..


So far this morning, I’ve been busy getting the stuff together to make your BBQ chicken this afternoon, making sure Henry has enough snakes around to kill, and looking for Camaro parts on Year One.

I love the fact that because of you- this seems like a completely normal weekend to me.

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The price of groceries

When did an onion cost $4.10?

The price of groceries in these small Texas towns really chaps my hide! Just this past week in Gainesville I paid $4.10 for (3) onions. $1.99 for (1) Red Bell Pepper and I won’t even mention the cost of tomatoes these days…. My point is this, I decided to get smart about it and put my mind to the task of saving some $$. I wasn’t going to

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Help Me Out Here...

Tuco the Dog shows me her rib bone that she is particularly proud of. Ignore the dust on the floor. It comes with the job.

Do you think people love their dogs so much because they accept us as we are? Is it because we know where we stand with a dog and there is never any question about where their love and loyalty lie? Most likely. I wish people ( and the

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Just hang around 5 minutes and it'll change......

Ummmmmm! Turkey!

Boredom. Monotony. Heat. Wind. Dust. Weather Bug says it is 106 degrees at 3pm. That is the gate guard life. Miss Kathy and I try and take advantage of the reduced traffic volume on the weekends. Usually that means something is cookin’ up in the electric smoker. This weekend the entree’ is smoked turkey.

Finally! I get to go off shift and sit still for a little bit in the cool

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