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Oil Field Gate Guarding in the News; Bullfighters not so much

Midget Mexican Bullfighter = Can I make this stuff up?

I was really torn this morning about subject matter. Do I write about Midget Mexican Bullfighters which are apparently all the rage down Old Mexico way? Do I write about the article that appeared in the Houston Chronicle this past weekend about oilfield gate guarding?

Dang it! Decisions decisions! On the one hand I know y’all are as curious about teeny toreadors as

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Kiss It And Make It Better; Not This Time

Generac NP-66LPG generator up in the snout of the Old Girl

You will recall I wrassled my Generac propane generator on the rv all the way back up out of South Texas when we returned from that West Texas Ramble road trip to Terlingua. I am still fighting it. Somewhere along the way, it locked up tight and would not turn over. I tried jumping it across the starter solenoid and proved out

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Fabric of Life - A Lifelong Love

When we scheduled our recent break from oil field gate guarding here in North Texas I was hoping it was going to be a slow period. You see, we work harder when multiple rigs are drilling or multiple frac crews are working. When we work harder, we get paid more. I did not want to miss any of that extra cash — and we didn’t. On our return, one H&P FlexRig had shown up and

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The Perils of Big Bend, TX

Rock road in Big Bend National Park

Another story from the recent Terlingua, West Texas RV road trip……

There are plenty of gotcha’s around the Big Bend area of Southwest Texas. Rattlesnakes and scorpions fall to mind. People get lost or underestimate the Chihuahuan Desert and die every year. One of the most prevalent gotcha’s is tire problems. This environment plays hell with tires. Thorns from mesquite or cacti easily puncture a tire.

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